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Aspire to Teach Program

Catholic Education Cairns has partnered with James Cook University to create the Aspire to Teach Program which encourages senior students to consider a career in teaching. The program forms part of Catholic Education Cairns commitment to helping address the national teacher shortage at a local level. 

The program includes a variety of classroom experiences including the Queensland Government’s Ready Reading program which develops skills for reading with young students.  

Aspire to Teach is targeted at secondary students so they can gain a better understanding of teaching as a career and make informed decisions about their senior subjects. Feedback from students about the Aspire to Teach Program has been positive, with 87.5 per cent suggesting they would consider a career in education after completing the course.  

For more about why high school and mature age students should consider a teaching career, visit Why Teach? Please view our Aspire To Teach brochure.