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Catholic Education Cairns values the richness that a diverse workforce can bring to school communities and the lives of students. Workforce diversity has also been linked to improved performance and job satisfaction among employees. 

We encourage males to take up the teaching profession to help counter their underrepresentation in classrooms, particularly in primary schools. Having consistent numbers of both male and female teachers is thought to promote positive education outcomes for students, because they are given the chance to learn from others they perceive as similar.  

Research also suggests that representation of both male and female teachers helps to contribute to a child’s social-emotional development. 

Catholic Education Cairns also strongly encourages First Nations students to apply for the teaching scholarships we offer for both Year 12 graduates and Final Year Education Students. We are passionate about fostering the development of First Nations teachers to enhance the valuable community and cultural knowledge they bring to our classrooms. 

We employ people of all faiths and denominations and are accepting and respectful of individuals’ personal beliefs. It's okay if you're not Catholic. All are welcome and you will feel part of a caring and inclusive workforce from the moment you join us.  

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