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Return to Teaching

A teacher’s passion and skills never really disappear, no matter how long they have been out of the classroom. Schools need great teachers, and it is never too late to step back into a rewarding career that you love.  

Returning to teaching might be easier than you think, and there is plenty of support in place to help you with the transition.

The Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) endorses a number of programs for primary, secondary and early learning teachers. These programs cover topics such as Curriculum and Assessment, Classroom Management and Effective Teaching and Learning, and are suitable for people who have had a significant break from teaching, have a Return to Teaching condition on their registration certificates, or teach for lower hours, such as relief teachers. 

For more information, visit the QCT’s Return to Teaching page. 

There are many reasons why returning to teaching is a great idea: 

  • Flexible working arrangements mean there are lots of options (part-time, relief teaching, job share). Schedule work around your commitments or your lifestyle and experience a range of classroom settings. 
  • You already know what to expect and have new life experiences to bring to the role. You will likely go back into the job with more clarity around the year levels and subjects you wish to teach.  
  • Job satisfaction, security and longevity 
  • Attractive salary 
  • Respect from the wider community, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns 
  • There are perks! Longer holiday periods are excellent, especially if you have school-aged kids or are looking for better work-life balance 

There has never been a better time to teach. Make the move now – with Catholic Education Cairns. Your skills and expertise will be valued, and you’ll experience an unrivalled sense of community and support.