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Why Teach?

National Teacher Shortage

Now more than ever is a great time for high school graduates and mature-age students to consider a career in teaching. Why? Because there is a shortage of teachers Australia wide! We invite you to choose the Catholic school difference and join Catholic Education Cairns growing communities.

Teachers Are Great

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have led to a deeper appreciation and respect for teachers around the world. Parents have gained new insights and a heightened respect for the complexities of teaching, after experiencing it firsthand throughout the pandemic. 

Essential Role

Teachers are highly skilled professionals who carry out vital work so that each child can reach their full potential. They are equipped with the knowledge and passion to differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of all learners, all while following the Australian Curriculum. A teaching career will allow you to make a real difference in the lives of others. 




Great Income

Graduate teachers have a very attractive starting salary of more than $75,000. Teachers can progress through various levels of proficiency and apply for additional accreditation throughout their career. Those who are successful earn more than $128,000. For further information, visit Salaries, Incentives & Conditions

Career Advancement

Teachers are offered ongoing opportunities for career advancement in their teaching career, and into a variety of middle leadership and senior leadership positions. For further information, visit Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers

Job Security

The demand for new teachers is strong – and it’s not slowing down any time soon. A combination of increasing retirement rates, and a growing student population means more graduates than ever are needed to keep up with the jobs on offer. Teaching is a career path that will provide job security and longevity. 

Future Proof

The increasing impact of global technological advancements and how these changes may alter future employment opportunities and job security also need to be considered. There are always going to be jobs that cannot be replaced by a computer or robot. One of these careers is teaching. Teachers are needed to provide the encouragement, motivation, care and support that young people need to thrive in our digitally connected world.

Job Flexibility

Teaching is a profession that also provides opportunities for part-time work and the flexibility that is required to suit various stages of life. 

Australia and the World 

Teaching positions are regularly advertised throughout Australia, including in rural and remote areas which often attract additional allowances. Teaching is a globally transferable skill and for those who seek the thrill of overseas travel, this is the perfect career to explore the world. 

Teaching in Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools are open and welcoming to all, where Catholic faith and other faiths are valued. Our schools are communities where staff love what they do and are supported in their learning and professional growth. 

When working as a teacher in Catholic schools, there are many additional benefits, including: 

  • School year ends on the first Friday in December
  • Superannuation employer contribution of up to 12.75 per cent
  • Salary packaging and salary sacrificing options
  • Portability of long service leave entitlements – within and across education sectors
  • Competitive salaries benchmarked to industry standards
  • Remote area incentive scheme
  • Modern facilities and equipment
  • Very high device to student ratio, tools to assist blended learning, innovative practices, and integrated learning environments  

For further information, visit Salaries, Incentives & Conditions and Rural & Remote Locations

Consider A Career in Teaching

Learn about Catholic Education Cairns Year 12 scholarships, our Final Year Education Student Scholarships, and our Aspire to Teach program for secondary students, or email to find out more.  

What’s great about being a teacher?

Our HAT & Lead Teachers on why they became Teachers