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Salaries, Incentives & Conditions

Competitive Salaries

Catholic Education Cairns pays attractive salaries. Teachers are paid from more than $78,000 to over $110,000. Teachers can take part in additional Highly Accomplished Teacher or Lead Teacher (HAT & LT) certification to earn more than $130,000 per year. For more information on our competitive salaries, see the following:  

Teacher Classification Incremental Advancement Salary Scale

Flexible Work Arrangements

We support flexible work arrangements, where possible, to balance personal and professional life. Our flexible work arrangements allow you to apply for changes to hours of work, patterns of work, or your location. These arrangements may be accessible to employees caring for elderly parents, children or grandchildren, or transitioning to retirement. Those seeking job share arrangements, or the full-time equivalent of part-time appointments across more than one school may also be accommodated. Find out more about Flexible Work Arrangements or Contact Us

Parental Leave

We offer 14 weeks of paid parental leave at full pay, or 28 weeks of paid parental leave at half pay for those who are eligible. We also offer 10 days spousal leave. 

Long Service Leave

Employees are entitled to access their accrued long service leave after seven years of continuous service. Employees may access their leave at half pay and can apply to ‘cash out’ a proportion of their long service leave. Employees joining us from other dioceses within the Catholic sector have portability of long service leave entitlements, and more recently, those joining us from other education sectors receive a credit for their length of service accrued towards their long service leave entitlement.

Extra Superannuation Contributions and Salary Packaging

We provide a co-payment for increased employer contributions to superannuation, which can equate to 17.5 per cent. We have providers to assist with salary packaging, which allows you to pay for certain expenses with pre-tax dollars which may increase your disposable income. 

Workplace Benefits – Remserve Salary Packaging

Professional Development

We support professional development and career progression with professional development days held throughout the school year. 

Modern Facilities

Our schools are equipped with modern facilities and equipment, offering our students a 21st century education. 

Early Career Teacher Support Program

We offer a structured two-year support program for first-year teachers, which is available to all new graduates. This includes a formal induction, professional development, and additional release time to enable the graduate teacher to attend mentoring meetings and observe exemplary teaching in action. A 12-month graduate teacher mentor program is available to every newcomer. 

Remote Area Incentives

Financial and other incentives are provided to staff based in remote and rural areas. These incentives may include fortnightly and bi-annual payments (additional to salary), travel and emergent leave days, accelerated long service leave and annual airfare allowances. Accommodation may also be provided. Find out more about Rural & Remote Benefits


Opportunities for career advancement are more readily available and accessible in smaller schools and a smaller-sized Diocese such as ours.

Benefits to Teachers

Our teachers are valued and enjoy the many benefits of working with the second largest system of schools in Queensland.  Additional benefits include: 

  • Middle leadership structures in our secondary and P-12 colleges
  • Financial assistance with further study in targeted areas
  • Ongoing professional development in numerous focus areas
  • Firm, lifelong teacher networks
  • Policies that provide protection and support
  • Staff support and special needs facilities