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Employment Collection Notice

In applying for employment, you will be providing Catholic Education Services – Diocese of Cairns with personal information. For example, your name, address and information contained in your resume. We will collect and record this information to assess your application. We may keep this information on file if your application is unsuccessful in case another position becomes available. We will not disclose this information to a third party without your consent. 

We may use online or 'cloud' service providers to store personal information and to provide services to us that involve the use of personal information, such as services relating to email and instant messaging. Some limited personal information may also be provided to these service providers to enable them to authenticate users that access their services. This personal information may reside on a cloud service provider’s server which may be situated outside Australia. 

We may verify claims made in your application or seek further information by reference to information in the public domain, including information published on social media. 

Where you have provided us with the name and contact details of a person in connection with your application, such as a referee, you should inform that person that you have done so and the reason for providing their details. You should also inform them that the information will only be used in connection with your application for employment. 

In submitting this application for employment, you agree that you will not seek access to references provided by third parties or to confidential notes or reports made by us relating to your application for employment.  We seek your agreement in this regard to ensure that referees are not inhibited from providing complete and accurate references as to your suitability for the position. You may request access to feedback on the selection process. 

The Catholic Education Cairns Privacy Policy contains details of how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) or how you may seek access to personal information collected about you or correct personal information which we have collected and hold.

In submitting any application, you certify that the information provided, including in any attachments, is true to the best of your knowledge. You understand that you have a duty to disclose sufficient information to enable a prospective employer to make a proper informed decision about your employment.