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Early Career Teacher Award

We are passionate about celebrating and supporting our graduate teachers.  

One of the many ways we recognise exceptional commitment and significant achievements are through our annual Docemus Awards, which are an integral part of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Cairns. 

The six award categories include Primary Teacher, Secondary Teacher, Leadership, School Officer, Volunteer, Lifelong Contribution and Early Career Teacher. 

The Early Career Teacher award recognises teachers who demonstrate outstanding performance and instructional skills during the first three years of their teaching. 

Criteria for this award are: 

  • Began teaching no more than three years prior to the awards
  • Full-time employee
  • Employed on a continuing or 12-month contract
  • Performed exceptionally during their initial years of teaching 
    (based on Australian Professional Standards for Teachers)
  • Exemplifies the qualities of a model teacher
  • Instils in students a desire to learn and achieve
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the individual needs of students, 
    encourages their talents and fosters their self-esteem
  • Fosters cooperative relationships with all members of the school community, 
    including the school leadership team, staff, students and families. 

Join us and become one of our next exceptional teachers.