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Types of Employment

Catholic Education Cairns offers varied employment opportunities to cater to your personal and professional needs. 

Full-Time Permanent

30 hours per week. Most of our teaching roles are full-time permanent positions. 

Part-Time Permanent

1-24 hours per week 

Casual/Relief Teaching

Employed as needed in schools. For further information, visit Relief Teaching

Fixed Term

Engaged for an identifiable need for a specified period. Fixed term positions are those identified as meeting an identifiable short-term need such as:

  • Special projects
  • Short-term funding
  • To cover periods of leave  
  • Filling a position arising from resignation
  • Accommodating temporary enrolment fluctuations
  • Addressing class sizes and/or enhancing curriculum offerings on a short-term basis 

If you have any questions, please Contact Us

Job Sharing for Teachers

Job sharing allows a permanent full-time position to be divided between two teachers (one permanent and one fixed term), who share the position for one school year. The full-time position continues to ‘belong’ to the permanent employee however both employees are placed on a contract for one school year during the job share arrangement.

Flexible Work Arrangements

For information, visit Flexible Work Arrangements