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Leadership Programs

We believe the learning journey is vital for both our students and teachers.

Catholic Education Cairns offers a variety of programs aimed at growing and nurturing our teachers into leadership positions. We also offer programs tailored to principals, senior leaders and middle career teachers, to support their transition to and through leadership.

Our programs are based on the latest research and take place at various times throughout the year. They are structured to give our teachers and leaders the skills and confidence they need to lead and develop others. 

Some of the programs on offer for mid-career teachers are: 

  • A Call to Vocation for Leadership
  • Leading From the Middle
  • Introduction to Mentoring 

Some of the programs on offer for principals and teachers are: 

  • Leading with Integrity for Excellence, Governance for Catholic Schools
  • Flourishing Leadership Teams
  • Coaching for Principals
  • Essential Skills for Principals and Senior Leaders 

The programs cover topics such as: 

  • Taking a planned approach to your career
  • Developing a five-year plan
  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness and inspiring others
  • Strengthening understanding of self and others
  • Becoming more skilled in building relationships and developing trust  
  • Conducting reflective and professional conversations to support other staff to build their capability
  • Leading high-performance teams to develop efficacy
  • Growing knowledge in financial monitoring, staff selection and strategic planning
  • Supporting a healthy workforce
  • Managing complaints, performance, and conduct 

We also offer a series of engaging support networks across our organisation, including Stepping Up (previously Women in Leadership), Mentoring Support and HAT & LT Support. 

Teachers who gain Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher (HAT & LT) accreditation are rewarded with a substantial pay increase to help keep our high performing teachers in the classroom.

Visit our Career Pathways and Professional Development page to learn more about how Catholic Education Cairns can help your teaching career flourish.