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Welcome to Catholic Education Cairns

Welcome to working with Catholic Education Cairns from Executive Director, Bill Dixon 

Catholic Education Services Cairns CEO - Bill Dixon

Thank you for your interest in working for Catholic Education Cairns.

We believe leading and teaching with us is more than just a job. We truly appreciate the contribution each employee makes to our community, and we are passionate about fostering a rewarding, fulfilling and balanced workplace. 

Catholic Education Cairns provides a vibrant, student-centred approach to learning in contemporary, well maintained and resourced schools. It is with a deep sense of privilege and purpose that we prepare our students to engage with, and make an authentic contribution to, society. 

We place the same value on nurturing and developing our staff, through mentoring and professional development opportunities and career advancement pathways. We believe the learning journey is vital for both students and employees. 

I look forward to welcoming you into the Catholic Education Cairns community. 

Bill Dixon 
Executive Director 
Catholic Education Services 
Diocese of Cairns