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Southern Recruits

Many “southern recruits” are heading north to teach and lead with Catholic Education Cairns. Here are the stories of just a few.

Michael Rowe, his wife, Rebekah, and their four children left Horsham, in western Victoria, in 2020 when he took up the role of Principal at St Rita’s School in Babinda, a rural town an hour south of Cairns. He said the family had always planned to travel around the Far North, but when his job opportunity came up, they decided to make the move permanent. 

Check out the Rowe family's new adventures and relaxing lifestyle in Far North Queensland.


"We’ve got a young active family. We just want to take them out and get them into the great outdoors."

- Michael Rowe


Aimee Murray and Karina Brady moved from Melbourne to Far North Queensland to teach with Catholic Education Cairns – and they fell in love with the region. Karina said it "blows her mind" that she can visit the tropical resort town of Port Douglas whenever she feels like it.

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"It blows my mind that I can visit the tropical resort town of Port Douglas whenever I feel like it."

- Karina Brady