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Employment Types

Most teaching roles with Catholic Education Cairns are permanent positions. Contract positions are also available for periods of up to 12 months to fill short term needs. Other roles within Catholic Education Cairns are a variety of permanent, contract, full time, and part time positions. Permanent and contract positions may be full time or part time. Job-share opportunities also exist. For further information, email

We commence our main recruitment drive for primary teaching positions for the following calendar year from the start of Term 3, otherwise recruitment is conducted for specific job vacancies, as advertised on this website. Get your resume ready! You can also keep up to date with availability by subscribing to job alerts

Please note, this main recruitment process applies to primary teaching positions only, with secondary and Prep - Year 12 colleges advertising positions throughout the year as they become available. 

Casual teachers can apply at any time to be considered for relief teaching opportunities by completing a Relief Teaching Application.

Read more about Flexible Work Arrangements