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Year 12 Education Scholarships

Applications Opening 11 July 2022!

Nature of the Scholarships

Catholic Education Cairns is delighted to offer full scholarships to cover HECS fees for up to four years, for graduating Year 12 students from Catholic colleges within the Diocese of Cairns. The scholarships are intended for students applying to complete a full-time, four-year Bachelor of Education degree at James Cook University Nguma Bada Campus (JCU) or Central Queensland University (CQU) Cairns campus.

These full-time degrees may include Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary majors. Successful students would be committing to undertake at least 50 per cent of their professional experience placements in Catholic schools within the Diocese of Cairns, including their final year practicum. First Nations students are strongly encouraged to apply. 


Payment of full fees 

Catholic Education Cairns commits to paying the course fees directly on presentation of course fees, which must be presented prior to the census date each semester of study for the four years of the degree. 

Teaching position guaranteed for two years 

Upon successful completion of the Education degree, scholarship recipients will be guaranteed employment within the Diocese of Cairns and expected to teach for two years in a school within the Diocese of Cairns. Repayment of course fees will be required if recipients are unable to fulfill this teaching commitment. 

Support during your study  

Catholic Education Cairns will offer opportunities to work in Diocesan schools as school officers supporting teachers in the classroom on a part-time basis.  Key personnel from Catholic Education Services (CES) will stay connected with recipients through a supportive on-boarding program over the duration of the course. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be an Australian citizen or eligible for a Commonwealth supported place 
  • Successfully complete Year 12 at a college in the Diocese of Cairns 
  • Obtain an ATAR result of 75 or higher
  • Accepted into and able to commence a Bachelor of Education at JCU Cairns or CQU Cairns in the first semester of the year after graduation from Year 12 
  • Applicants for the scholarship must be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place. 

Please see the following: Relevant Information from JCU and Relevant Information from CQU

How to Apply

Applications open on Monday 11 July and close on Friday 23 September. 

Applications must be submitted on the official application form no later than the date set by the Selection Committee for the year in which the award is to be made. 

Applicants must submit with the Scholarship Application Form: 

  • A video clip of no more than 3-5 minutes, introducing themselves, describing why they are interested in teaching and further, why they are interested in teaching in a Catholic context. Also include how, as a student in Catholic education, they have contributed to their college community or the broader community.
  • Two written references, one which must be their school Principal, attesting to the applicant’s character and/or suitability to receive the scholarship, please include contact details
  • Their resume and any other supporting documentation that would assist the Selection Committee in developing an opinion as to the merit of the application
  • A copy of their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and ATAR certificate
  • A copy of their course acceptance from either JCU or CQU
  • A copy of their birth certificate, passport or permanent visa 

Applications submitted without the relevant documentation will not be considered. The applicant authorises the Selection Committee to contact referees. Scholarship applications open in mid-December and close at the end of January of the applicant’s final year of study. 

Applications to be emailed directly to  Any questions regarding the application can be sent to Administration Officer Workforce Capability at 

Selection Process: 

To retain the scholarship, recipients must: 

  • Remain enrolled in the course identified at the time of application. The recipient must maintain a course GPA of 4.0 or above. Where the recipient fails to meet this requirement evidence of special circumstances contributing to the reduced GPA must be provided to the Selection Committee for consideration of ongoing eligibility.
  • Successfully complete all professional experience placements.
  • Attend all briefings at Catholic Education Services throughout the duration of the course.
  • Only defer or request suspension of their scholarship in exceptional circumstances.
  • Comply with the conditions of this scholarship. If the recipient fails to comply with any of the conditions, the Chair of the Selection Committee may suspend or terminate the scholarship or take such action as it deems necessary to enforce compliance with the condition by the recipient.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to be involved in the promotion of the teaching profession within the Diocese of Cairns or at JCU/CQU University events. 

Supporting Documents:

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Year 12 Education Scholarships Application Form 
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