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Catholic education is called to provide a climate where the dignity of the human person is valued and affirmed, and where community is developed with a profound relationship between the Gospel and culture.  

Each staff member has an indispensable role to play in contributing to Catholic education in that they: 

  • Recognise and accept that the Catholic school is more than an educative institution as it is a key part of the Church, an integral element of the Church’s mission 
  • Be qualified for the position and meet all registration, accreditation and other requirements of the State and Church 
  • Be committed to participation in regular on-going professional development 
  • Accept and support the Catholic educational philosophy, policy and practices of the school 
  • Develop and maintain an adequate understanding of those aspects of Catholic teaching that touch upon their areas of responsibility 
  • Strive by their service, performance of duties and personal example to instil in students an appreciation and acceptance of Christian teaching and values 
  • Avoid, whether by word, action or known lifestyle, any influence upon students that is contrary to the teaching and values of the Church community in whose name they act. 

Catholic Education Cairns is actively committed to fostering communities of safeguarding that recognise and uphold the dignity and rights of all children. Every person within Catholic Education Cairns who comes into contact, or works, with children is tasked with upholding the dignity of all children and commits to establishing safe and supportive relationships. Catholic Education Cairns has documented policies and procedures to reduce risks to children and build a strong culture of safeguarding. 

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